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About the Courses

Get lifetime access to valuable, well-structured, and engaging videos, as well as useful downloadable worksheets and exercises.


Christian CBT is a full psychospiritual life-transforming therapy course that aims at addressing Fear, Stress, Worry, Anxiety, Depression, and several other Mental Disorders.

"Be Happy" is a short course that helps you to live a Happy and Fulfilled Life.



For the liberation of God's people; the stats are out there and they are shocking. World Health Organization recently revealed that close to a billion people globally, 1-in-8 people, suffer some form of mental disorder with anxiety and depression being the most common and this was before COVID-19 when the number shot up by about 25%. Further, 1-in-5 and 1-in-3 people suffer from depression and anxiety respectively, over the course of their lifetime. This is not even counting the people who generally unhappy, and those who struggle with fear, worry, and stress.



Christian CBT takes a unique approach applying spirituality, scripture, the gospel, and effective psychotherapy tools to deliver a full 9-sessions therapy course with hours of video content and many effective worksheets and exercises. The course aims for, and brings about, life-transformation over behavior modification. Life-transformation is more impactful, sustainable, and permanent compared to behavior modification.

"Be Happy" looks into positive psychology models of well-being, categories of happiness, adult development studies, intentional measures to improve happiness, and biblical joy to help you live a happy and fulfilled life.


The courses are Christian but they target all people; anyone and everyone can take these courses.



The courses are offered online and you can take them at the convenience of your location. They offer immense value compared to many in-person programs.



Take the courses and get lifetime access to valuable material that you can cover without deadlines, and at your own time and pace.

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